I love the original Starcraft. It’s hands-down the game I’ve spent the most time playing and was my first introduction to multiplayer back in 1999.

Now, someone’s managed to port Starcraft into the browser for the first time thanks to HTML5.

A user on GitHub, known only by the first name of ‘Ryuta’ uploaded a repository containing the bits, which you can have running on your own in a few seconds.

It requires no installation and shows some basic demos of controlling units, entering combat and even the full animations from the game.

It’s not comprehensive yet — the levels are just demos — but Rutya wrote in the instructions that demonstration even contains the same cheat codes from the original Starcraft.

Beware, it’s not going to work in all browsers and it takes a little while to load the levels.

Ready to play? http://coates.it/starcraft/