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You should check and update where necessary all the setting in the application every time you update or install it on any device.

The purpose of this app is to make it easy to keep a record of your readings for peak flow, blood pressure, glucose test strips and heart rate. It does not provide medical advice.

Miscel settings

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Why do you ask for the year I was born?

The maximum heart rate depends on your age. One way to work out your maximum heart rate is to take your age away from 220.


The maximum heart rate for a 42 year old is: 220 – 42 = 178 bpm (beats per minute)

This is the only reason we need the year you were born. Information from the British Heart Foundation leaflet.

Do you share any data?

We do not receive any data, other than crash and performance data that Apple supply to us. No data is shared on your device.

Can I sync my data between devices?

We hope to add this functionality in the future, but it is not available at the moment.

Settings: Display Options

These options allow you to customise the app so it only displays the areas that you want to use. Uncrossing will remove the associated button from the home screen.

Blood pressure settings

Settings: Systolic and Diastolic

 The information entered here is used to help colour code your Heart Rate results.

Please note that the information is very basic and should not be used as an accurate guide to the health of your heart rate.

That said, your doctor may be willing to suggest settings that will customise the app to you.

The numbers explained:

The high levels ,for systolic and diastolic are what the app would record you as having high blood pressure. In this case, any reading over 14/90 would be marked as high.

The ideal levels, in this example, are between 90/60 and 120/80

Similarly, anything recorded below 90/60 would be classed as low.

These figures are just our default numbers and you should contact your doctor for numbers that are more tailored to you.

Settings: Whats the magic number?

 OK. Well first, we need your year of birth so we can determine your age, which we then use in the formula suggested by the British Heart Foundation to calculate your maximum heart rate (when not exercising) and that is where the magic number comes in.


Maximum heart rate

The maximum heart rate depends on your age. One way to work out your maximum heart rate is to take your age away from 220 (what we call the magic number!)


The maximum heart rate for a 42-year-old is: 220 – 42 = 178 bpm (beats per minute)

Asthma settings

Asthma custom options, explained.

The settings here are just our default settings. You should consult with your doctor to enter the settings that suit you.

For example, the settings on the left tell us that I can use up to 8 extra ‘puffs’ on a reliever every day and that’s ok. But I should not exceed 20. If I am needing that many I should call my doctor or visit A&E. But remember these settings need to be personalised to you!

Similarly, with the peak flow readings, for me 500 (or above) is good, 400 is ok but 300 or below means I am not managing my asthma and I should contact my doctor or A&E.

Whats with the questions?

 When you record your peak flow, the information is much more useful to a doctor if they have an idea how you are feeling at that moment. You can change the questions based on feedback from your doctors.

The chart colours should be left alone unless you are comfortable experimenting with HEX colours and the chart.

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