Expert FileMaker Solutions

We have been developing Filemaker solutions since 1995. We have continued to evolve with Filemaker and bring our customers some of the best, most capable and integrated solutions available.

You already know about Filemaker, right?

No? Check out the videos on the right to see how Filemaker has helped clients around the world.

If you have an existing FM system and you would like to integrate it, update it or improve its interface, you have come to the right place. Whatever your Filemaker needs, we can help you maximise the software you already own.

Large or small, web, desktop or iOS

We are experienced developers, working with small local companies and multinationals. We have integrated Filemaker into email systems, produced image transformation systems and have experience with REST, SOAP, XML and most other technologies that help Filemaker talk to ‘outside’ systems.

Cost effective

If you have a large project, ask about our prepaid credits which can help reduce your costs by as much as 40%.

Consistent interface

We can give your apps a consistent look and feel regardless of how they are accessed. Web or desktop, your users will see the same familiar interface.


Of course we can help specify and commission your own Filemaker Server, but when such overheads are not justified, or perhaps until your solutions have settled in, we can provide excellent hosting solutions, tailored to your requirements. If you have an immediate need to host a solution, contact us today. Prices start from £25 per month, with no contract!

Metropolis had an enterprise class finance system installed. It was by SAP. Getting on top of our billing was becoming problem. We couldn’t get any information out. In a matter of weeks we completely replaced that expensive enterprise class system with a FileMaker solution of our own. We can adapt it across our whole business. Wherever we go, it can go with us. It’s incredibly flexible. We know the FileMaker Platform will grow and develop with us. It isn’t just supporting our growth it’s enabling it.

Some of our developers are
members of the FMBA.

Goodwill, enthusiasm and hard work are qualities that you will find in spades in any disaster recovery organisation. We certainly found this recently when we donned our wellies to see how a volunteer organisation that is using FileMaker in the Somerset Levels, is redefining the way that natural disasters are dealt with on a local level.

Spreadsheets are a terrible way to run a business. This video explains why.

In the coming months we will be adding some of our most recent projects, watch this space!

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