Professional, fully featured & solid hosting solutions

We operate our own, managed, powerful, fully featured dedicated server. You can be part of our community, share the benefits of a powerful server while operating in your own fully protected environment.

Bullet proof hosting*

Well almost! We have built our system using Cloud Linux. This enables every user to operate in their own dedicated environment while making sure everyone has a fair share of the capabilities of the server. It’s very hard to crash or overload because Cloud Linux manages the resources so brilliantly. In addition, we have industry standard

  • Brute Force Protection
  • Mail scanner
  • ModSec Security
  • eXploit Scanner
  • Clam AV Scanner
  • Free SSL (green padlock)

All running under an easy to use interface, cPanel. It provides you with full control over your hosting and email accounts.

In addition, every account comes with a FREE SSL Certificate for use with multiple domains and email, saving you money every step of the way.

Dedicated IP addresses are available for only £2 per month, and if you use WordPress, we can supply a fully installed option for you. WordPress users may also wish to take advantage of our comprehensive, WordPress update and backup service for a small additional cost. Ask us about it using the contact form below.


What makes us special?

We have over 10 years experience of hosting and we are backed by one of the leading management companies, which means you get the support you need and the performance you expect.

The specs

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270 v2 x FOUR running at 3.5GHz totalling 8 cores
  • Cloud Linux with Cage FS
  • 1 Gps connection
  • 16 GB RAM
  • KernelCare

Fair pricing, always

This server is more of a community than a profit-making exercise. Get access to great resources you would (probably) never have on your own while contributing to its upkeep by paying a monthly fee. Did we mention there’s no contract?

Obviously, we don’t compete on price with the likes of GoDaddy and other mass market companies. But we do offer top class resources and behind the scenes, software to keep everything going, even when it gets tuff. (Please note: support questions cannot always be dealt with the same working day.)

We can also provide additional plans, tailored to your specific needs, just contact us with your requirements.

Do I need to transfer my domain name?

No need to transfer your domain, just a simple change to the settings in your ISPs control panel and we can take over your hosting.

Just change the DNS associated with your domain to and

Do you sell domain names?

Yes we do, in partnership with one of the largest registrars in the world, TuCows, we can offer nearly every top level domain there is. Contact us for a price.

Example prices: £8.50 per year
.uk £8.50 per year
.com £11.00 per year
.eu £8.00 per year £8.50 per year
.co £25 per year
.adult £80.00 per year
.bingo £45 per year
.cymru £20 per year
.doctor £85 per year
.se £22 per year


All domain name orders have a one time setup fee of £20.00. Prices are subject to change. Correct as of April 2017

Exchange hosting

We do not offer Exchange hosting, but Rackspace can offer Exchange hosting that works with our system. We are happy to integrate Rackspace email FOC.

What about MySQL and other services?

You can have as many MySQL (now MariaDB) tables and other resources as we can fairly give you for the price plan you are on.


We can offer enhanced backup packages are as part of our managed WordPress installation. All accounts are automatically backed up off site every week. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a working backup of your website and emails.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Fill in our contact form and we will get back to you, usually next working day, to discuss your requirements.