Companies are faced with more threats to their networks and more business pressure than ever before. Today, you’re responsible for not just managing your company, but also preventing data breaches, software updates, data integrity, anti virus management and more widespread infrastructure threats plus conducting regular compliance audits and answering to business demands.

Coates IT Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) will manage, monitor and secure your computers with a comprehensive suite of best-in-class security services.

Our RMM is also the world’s first real-time machine learning solution that leverages the collective intelligence of hundreds of thousands of networks and millions of endpoints to alert us to issues before they occur – giving you actionable insights.

In simple language: we can now monitor your computers pro-actively, ensure that software updates are applied, backups are performed, security updates are applied and best in class anti malware and anti virus solutions are kept up to date. In addition, we can provide remote connection and help (additional fees apply) to each user in your organisation.Managed Antivirus – Leverage an antivirus solution that employs near-perfect malware protection.

  • Managed Backup – We can ensure your system backup solution is working and up to date
  • Managed Software Updates – Keep your operating system up-to-date for streamlined IT maintenance.
  • Managed Maintenance – We can remotely command built in tools to monitor the data integrity of your drives
  • Managed Alerts – We can monitor disk usage, suspicious user logins,
  • Remote Monitoring – Reduced need for on site visits with their associated cost
  • Real-Time Architecture – Benefit from a world-class, ultra- responsive, near real-time monitoring platform for faster, more proactive service
  • Cross-Platform Support – Service support for your Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

It’s like having your own IT Support team, for less than the cost of a coffee a day.

*Remote help is timed in 15 minute (or part thereof) intervals. Standard price (before discount) for remote help is billed at £60 per hour, £15 minimum charge.

Mac Monitoring


  • Managed software updates (we can defer updates if we feel they are likely to cause problems)
  • Managed Backup verification
  • Managed anti virus
  • Managed maintenance which includes
    • Verification and repair of disk directory
    • Repair of permissions
    • Cache Backup & Purge
    • Purge of Font Caches
  • Verification and Repair of disk directory and repair of permissions
  • Memory testing
  • Adware removal
  • Data Breach Risk Intelligence – Example report
  • Activity for all services are logged and available on request.
  • Discounted remote help
  • Off site backup software installed and configured as part of your first month’s fee.

All of the above tasks will be performed when required, usually on logout.